Water Events - RELAXATION

Navigation timeKAPALOUEST (28 pers)SAILBOAT (16 pers)SAILBOAT (12 pers)
2H715€ HT480€ HT400€ HT
3H970€ HT610€ HT510€ HT
4H1225€ HT740€ HT620€ HT
5H1480€ HT870€ HT730€ HT
6H1735€ HT1000€ HT840€ HT
7H1990€ HT1130€ HT950€ HT
8H2245€ HT1260€ HT1060€ HT

Water Events - TEAM BUILDING

Navigation timeSPROT BOAT (1-6 pers)SPORT BOAT (7-12 pers)SPORT BOAT (13-18 pers)SPORT BOAT (19-24 pers)TEAM BUILDING ANIMATION
Half Day (4H)480€ HT960€ HT1440€ HT1920€ HT480€ HT
Day (6H)595€ HT1190€ HT1785€ HT2380€ HT595€ HT


Type of cruise1 DAY & 1 NIGHT (anchor)2 DAYS & 1 NIGHT (anchor)2 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS (St Martin)
One cabin / 2 pers480€ TTC660€ TTC700€ TTC
One cabin / 1 pers445€ TTC595€ TTC664€ TTC
Option previous or next night on board70€ TTC / pers70€ TTC / pers70€ TTC / pers

Private days with a skipper

(Offer reserved for individuals)

Navigation timeSAILBOAT (1-6 pers)SAILBOAT (7 pers)SAILBOAT (8 pers)SAILBOAT (9 pers)SAILBOAT (10 pers)
Half Day (4H) - 52€ TTC/pers312€ TTC364€ TTC416€ TTC468€ TTC520€ TTC
Day (6H-7H)
77€ TTC/pers
462€ TTC539€ TTC616€ TTC693€ TTC770€ TTC

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